Wall Mounted Air Purifier


– HEPA Filter
– Carbon Filter
– Active Ionizer
– UV Germicidal
– Installation Guide in Units

Product information

Model Number: BUS- 1003
Air Volume: H280m3/h
The Range of Using: 10-20m2
Dimension: 650*420*100mm
N.W.: 13kg


Lamp: 2 years
Ballast: 3 years
Fan: 1 year


Body feature

  • Low-light solar charging technology, directly convert sunlight into electrical energy.
  • The most efficient filter, quickly absorb 97% of odors, and efficiently remove harmful substances in the air.
  • Can place plant aromatherapy to refresh your mind
  • Activated carbon absorbs odors and removes various odors such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
  • Negative ions freshen and purify the air, promote metabolism and improve human immunity.