High Bay System Lighting


High efficiency,205 LM/W (SGS Certified)
High Micro Mole: 3.6 Micro mol (SGS Certified)
Full Light Spectrum: 280 nm to 780 nm
Energy Saving up to 85%
Color Temp: 6400K
Power Rating: 75 Watts
Voltage: AC110 – 230V
Energy Rating: A
High Power Factor > 0.99
Suitable for use at -20 C to 45 C
Sustainability Rating: NL Green Label Score A
CE, RoHS Certified (UL Pending)
LM 79-08 SGS Certification
IP-65 Water Certification
Illumination Angle: Full 180 degrees
Detachable LED multi-converter driver, easy R/R for extended serviceability and lower operational costs
Very low Heat Dissipation, Saves Money on Air Conditioning
Life Expectancy: 100,000 Hours
Warranty: 5 full years

Packaging information

75 watt = 15,375 lumen
150 watt= 30,750 lumen
Connect Up to Four
Lights Together Maximum
Length: 11.5”
Width: 4”
Height: 6.5”
Weight: 4.5 Pounds


High Bay System Lighting

  • Our HBS Light delivers Full Spectrum daylight, mimicking true sunlight to 97% efficiency. Producing the broadest light spectrum in the industry.
  • Our HBD Light, with its cutting-edge technology and the added benefits of UV A, UV B, and IR. While not visible to people this stimulates the formation of vitamin D3, which improves the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. This dramatically affects the heart and blood vessels while improving the immune system.
  • Our HBD Light provides continuous light (NO FLICKERING), which means you get twice as much light, reducing stress, fatigue, cortisol levels, and even headaches.
  • Our HBD Light will provide you with the best possible lighting for the health and wellness of your people.