HDT Heavy Duty Tubes Negative Ionization


HDT 1211: Single Nano tube, 50.4″ by 3.3”
HDT 1221: Double Nano tube, 50.4″ by 5″
HDT 1231: Triple Nano tube, 50.4″ by 6.5″
HDT 1241: Quad Nano tubes, 50.4″ by 9″
Power Rating HDT Housing: 4 Watts (Ionizers Only)
Suitable For Use at -20 C to 45 C
Voltage: AC110 – 120V
IP-67: Suitable For Wet or High Dust Locations
Construction Material: ABS, PC (cap), 5VA
Energy Rating: A
Sustainability Rating (LCA): NL Green Label Score: A
Certificates: CE, RoHS, (UL Pending)
Warranty: 3 Years Heavy (AG), 5 years commercial


Homes, Offices, Schools, Commercial complexes, industrial facilities, and any other facility with poor air quality.


HDT Heavy Duty Tubes

Negative Ionization

  • IONCLEAR-FRESHLIGHT HDT w/Nano Tube is made to accommodate one to four Freshlight Nano tubes.
  • HDT Nano Tub Lighting provides Full-Spectrum light, 280nm to 780nm, closely mimicking natural sunlight. The housing is equipped with two Atec connectors allowing up to 16 lights to be run in the session.
  • HDT Ionization – 600 series produces over 600 million negative ions a second while the HDT 1200 series produces over 1 billion negative ions a second. Negative ionization has been proven effective for cleaning the air of dust, fine dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, and harmful VOCs which cause bad odors.
  • Great for keeping plants and produce fresher longer. Can be used in any high bay lighting areas, Industrial space, warehouse, storage rooms, or coolers.
  • Not for use in freezers.