Future generations will question why our generation did nothing about the suffocation of the planet when we could have made a difference, "Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." – Jacques Cousteau


In all of the products we use, all of the food we eat, the beverages we drink, and even the air we breathe, there lies hiding an invisible enemy – microplastics. Incredibly small and frighteningly stealthy, microplastics are slowly but steadily changing the world as we know it. We feel their impact in the most remote corners of the earth, from the highest mountains to the deepest trenches in our oceans. Microplastics present a real danger, to ourselves and our oceans.


How much is there already in our oceans?

  • There’s currently an estimated 150 million tons of plastic in our oceans, but many sources believe this estimate is unrealistically low.
  • From 2019, around eight million tons of plastic has been deposited into our oceans each year.
  • This figure is equivalent to filling a garbage truck with as many plastic bottles as possible and dumping it into the oceans every minute.

Ocean Amazon

For more information, please visit Ocean Amazon at www.ocean-amazon.com.

23 LED Lighting is honored to partner with Ocean Amazon, a platform created in Monaco to raise awareness of our global plastic pollution problem. Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing our oceans and human health!

23 LED Lighting donates five per cent of all profits to Ocean Amazon.


The Ocean Amazon platform aims to raise awareness of the fragility of our marine life, the role of the ocean in regulating climate and its impact on our lives. Most crucial is the genuine danger of plastic pollution.

Its founder, Irina Maria Peterson, is a passionate sailor, explorer, an environmental activist and ocean lover. Auto-proclaimed “imperfect activist”, Irina is contributing her exploration experiences and the knowledge she accumulates to connect people to the ocean and realize how much our lives depend on it!

Irina was the only representative of Monaco chosen from over ten thousand worldwide candidates to be part of the EXXpedition crew, a women-only explorer group on a mission to study plastic pollution in the ocean. Her five-week exploration voyage between Galapagos and Easter Island from February – March 2020 revealed an unexpected and sobering truth; the level of pollution in these remote waters exposes the firm, death grip plastic has on the survival of our entire ocean.

The problem is no longer visible to the naked eye as a plastic island or garbage patch of plastic soup. So, as widely anticipated, we are now facing a plastic crisis that has evolved into a silent killer.

We are in desperate need of new solutions.

Could an army of global Imperfect Activists offer an effective and sustainable answer?

“I am an imperfect human, an imperfect activist. But I am learning, and I am promising that I’m going to continue to try my best! I truly believe that what the world needs right now is not a handful of perfect people being the perfect solution! We need seven and a half billion people, imperfect like me and you, willing to try our best each day: when we can, how we can, where we can and in all the ways we can to take more responsibility for our actions that impact the environment.” – Irina Maria Peterson


“The Journey of an Imperfect Activist” will be an educational documentary conveying a message of accountability and a drive to share some hard truths with the world about the fragile state of our ocean and the efforts to press pause on further environmental destruction for the sake of future generations.

For Irina, at the heart of everything lies an unwavering sense of hope that we, as the human race, can effect lasting change for the survival of our oceans and planet. This legacy could present future generations with a fighting chance to not only survive but to thrive in collective harmony with nature once again. It might be a long way to recovery, but the future survival of our entire
species depends on our determination.

We, after all, are made up of water. We are not other. We have a real connection. Evidence has proven that when we poison our environment, we poison ourselves. It will be an essential thread in this film to remind our viewers of their inescapable, direct interconnectedness to nature, and all that affects it.

Be part of the Journey, become an #imperfectactivist!