Q: How far should the wand be away from the surface it is disinfecting?

A: For the wand, it is better to be 2cm from the surface. 1 minute can disinfect the surface. Timer options are 5mins, 15mins and 30mins.

Q: What should someone wear who is using the UVC-19 products?

A: UV light should be kept away from skin & eyes, therefore protective clothing and glasses should be worn for safety measures. All products also have safety features built in that either turn the product off (wand when turned facing toward you) or give you a countdown (10 seconds) to leave the room and has a motion detector to shut off(lamp).

Q: What do these products work against?

A: Works against germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and many other pollutants.

Q: What is the difference in Ozone vs No Ozone?

A: Ozone kills what the light cannot reach. It is up to personal preference whether you want a product with ozone or not.

Q: How does ultraviolet light work?

A: UV-C exposure to microorganisms, destroy the DNA & RNA of bacteria, virus to make them lose their viability and multiplication, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

Q: What size area does each product cover & how long is the disinfection time?

A: Wand: surfaces & personal product use. 1 minute disinfection time. Lamp: 500 sqft or less. 30-60 min depending on the area. Timer options on product. Small cart: 1000 sqft. 30-60 minutes depending on the area. Timer options on product.

Q: Can you roll the cart around to disinfect?

A: No, the cart should be placed in one spot and no person/animal should be in the room during lamp or cart sterilization. After the sterilization period, then you can move the cart to a new area.

Q: Does this kill COVID-19?

A: UVC has been used as a precautionary measure for sterilization against bacteria, viruses, etc for years. We do not have testing data specifically for COVID-19 yet but will update when/if we get it. Most corona testing data has not been released as this is a new virus. Anything you can do to prevent the spread of any germs will be beneficial.

Q: Is ozone harmful?

A: Yes, it is harmful just like the UV light is. Safety precautions need to be taken with this as well but, this product's ozone potency levels are far below the levels that can be dangerous.

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